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Renewable Energy

Renewable heating and hot water systems help to protect the environment and can save you money. The government is committed to cutting 26% from the countries carbon footprint by the year 2020, and often offers generous grants towards renewable energy solutions. If you are thinking of renewing your heating system it may pay you to go green.

Ground Source

Ground Source

Ground source, allows you to heat your home with energy absorbed from the ground. Pipes are buried in your garden to a depth of 1 – 2 meters where there is a constant low temperature in the soil no mater how cold it is outside. A mixture of water and antifreeze is then pumped round the pipes where it warms up before passing through a heat exchanger. It is here that it is concentrated by a compressor into heat that is capable of heating water for use in heating the house or as hot water for washing. Using a ground source system can save up to £420.00* per year compared to an electric system in a three bed semi detached home. *Energy Saving Trust - Ground Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source

Air Source, heating works very much in the same way as your fridge, except that it extracts the heat from the air outside in order to heat the inside of your house. Like ground source heat systems the air is passed through a heat exchanger that concentrates low quality heat enough for it to be used to heat your home. There are two different types of air source heating, air to air that uses warm air to heat the house, and air to water, which is used to heat radiators, or under floor heating. Using an air source system can save up to £330.00* per year compared to an electric system in a three bed semi detached home. *Energy Saving Trust - Air Source Heat Pumps

Solar Electricity

Solar Electricity

Solar Energy is where the sun’s energy is captured using photovoltaic cells, which convert sunlight into electricity that can be used for lighting and to run appliances. One common myth is that solar energy systems only work in countries that get a lot of sun. The fact is they will still generate electricity even on a cloudy day, just not as much as on a bright sunny day but they still work. The photovoltaic cells come in a variety of colors that can match in with your roof; there are even transparent cells that can be used on conservatories. A 2.2kwp system is capable of generating around 40%* of a households annual electricity supply. *Energy Saving Trust - Solar Electricity

Solar Water

Solar Water Heating

Solar Water Heating is a two-step process in our area as we in general we do not have the intensity in the sun during the winter months to heat the water all the way. Firstly the suns heat is used to warm the water part of the way, and then a conventional boiler is used to bring it up to a usable temperature. The heating panels come in two types, either evacuated tubes, which most people will recognize, or flat plate collectors that can be integrated into the roof. Solar water heating systems can save up to £80.00* per year on your water heating bills compared to an electric water heating system. *Energy Saving Trust - Solar Water Heating